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Drive Replacement : UKVIP Server [Resolved]
Posted by Sarah J on 02 July 2020 12:07 PM


During our routine server auditing and maintanence, we have narrowed down the recent issues for the UKVIP3 server as due to drive errors. We have traced out the faulty drive and all accounts on this drive has been already rearranged to the other normal partitions. We are scheduling a drive replacement on UKVIP3 server, on July 3rd, 12.30am UK time.  Please note that we expect a downtime of 30 minutes for the entire process.

We would be keeping the news updated, thank you.

Update 1:  We are initiating the process now, server would be soon taken down.

Update 2:  We have taken down the database server, kindly hold on.

Update 3: Server is still down,  DC engineers are still working on the server. There seems to be issues with RAID initialization with the new drive, this is being currently checked.

Update 4:  Server is back online, we are working on the security systems now, domains would be soon back online.

Update 5: All services are back online, thank you.

Thank you.

SkyNetHosting.Net Inc.

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