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 Our upstream provider PhoenixNap Data Center has reported power related issues at their end, due to which we could find the services as disrupted on many servers :

Corporate VIPlus






All US VIP servers at PhoenixNap

We are working on this, on emergency, thank you for your patience on the same.  We will keep the thread updated.

Update 1:  We are still awaiting a final confirmation from the DC on this case, kindly hold on.

Update 2 :  Our PhoenixNap datacenter  has experienced a disruption to power which is causing large amounts of our circuits to lose power. We are doing everything we can to resolve these issues as they pop up, however DC support has not given us a definite timeline as to when these on-going issues will be resolved.

Update3: Power issues at our DC center has been completed fixed, server services are working perfectly fine.


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Server Reboot: Corporate VIPLUS1 Server[Resolved]
Posted by Sarah J on 13 November 2018 12:15 AM


Server [corporate.viplus1] has been rebooted at the moment. We are monitoring the progress on this, we would be be posting updates shortly.



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This is to inform you about the scheduled maintenance alert from our upstream provider for the servers:  Mint1, USAnode69, CorpVIP1,USVIP6

This maintenance is expected to cause downtime of approximately 30 minutes but rarely, up to 60 minutes may be necessary.This is because we need to shut down your server to migrate it away from the affected rack.  The racks for these servers seems to be in need for urgent maintenance performed, which would be performed within Nov 13- Nov 16th 2018, between 12:00PM and 9:00 PM Arizona Time.

We will keep the thread updated, thank you.

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SEO Hosting Server Maya - Upgrade/IP Change - Action Required!
Posted by SkyNetHosting.Net Inc. on 01 November 2018 02:14 AM


Note: If you are NOT a SEO Hosting customer on "Server Maya" please ignore this message. 

We have upgraded USA SEO Hosting Server Maya on November 01, 2018. The live upgrade was carried out with zero downtime on customer websites. New server is 40 CPU, 100% SSD powered which will result the websites to load faster than it was on the old server.

IP Change for sites on SEO IP's:

If you are using any of the following private nameservers please update the IP's as soon as possible. You only need to change IP's if you are using your own "private nameservers". If you are using servers default nameservers there's no need to change IP's and the related changers have been already done for you.


IF YOU ARE USING THE ONE OF THE FOLLOWING IP'S PLEASE CHANGE THEM AS FOLLOWS: - ndx5 (US) ns1 & >>> - maya2 (US)  - ns1 & > - maya3 - (US) -  ns1 & > - maya4 - (US) - ns1 & > - maya5 - (US) - ns1 & > - maya6 - (US) - ns1 & >  - maya7 - (US) -  ns1 & >  - maya8 - (US) -  ns1 & >  - maya9 (US) - ns1 & > - maya10 (US) - ns1 & > -  maya11 (US) -  ns1 & > - maya12 (US) - ns1 & > - maya13 (US) - ns1 & > - maya14 (US)  - ns1 & > - maya15 (US) - ns1 & > - maya16 (US) - ns1 & > - maya17 (US) - ns1 & > - maya18 (US) - ns1 & >  - maya19 (US) - ns1 & >


If you are using a 3rd party DNS service or CloudFlare Please change your A records to above new IP's. 


If you have any questions please contact support.


Thank you for choosing SkyNetHosting.Net as your hosting provider.


Best Regards,

SkyNet Management

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Server Issues : CorporateVIP1 [Resolved]
Posted by Sarah J on 18 October 2018 03:33 AM


Server CorporateVIP1 is being worked upon, we might need to proceed to replace PSU for the server too.

Kindly hold on, we will get back to you on this shortly.

Update 1:  Server rebooted and we are still checking the services.

Update 2: Server back online, thank you.


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Scheduled Maintenance for servers: Budget4, Nicole, USM1[Resolved]
Posted by Sarah J on 11 October 2018 02:05 AM


This is to inform about upcoming scheduled maintenance on the rack, these three are servers housed in.  

Maintenance is scheduled for Tuesday, October 16, 2018 between 3:00 PM and 11:00 PM Arizona Time (MST). This maintenance is expected to cause downtime of,  approximately 30 minutes but rarely, up to 60 minutes may be necessary. This is because we need to shut down the servers to migrate it away from the affected rack, our NOC engineers would be handling this task on top priority. We will keep you updated on the status, as and when the process is on.

Update 1 :  Servers have been taken down for maintanence now, we will keep the news updated.

Update 2:  Server are back online, thank you.

Thank you


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