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I'm trying to place an order but my credit card is getting declined by 2CO, Is there anything else that I should know?
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We am sorry to hear that you are unable to process your order. Please understand that there are several causes which can prevent a credit card from being successfully processed.

First, we strongly advise that you contact your bank and confirm that the failure is not related to the issuing bank declining the transaction. If the issuing bank confirms there is no problem with your account make sure that you are entering all the digits of the the credit card number in a single sequence with no spaces or dashes.

Please note, requires that you enter your card verification number (CVV code), if one is available. The verification number is a 3 or 4-digit number printed on your card. For instructions on locating your CVV code please click here.

In addition, please make sure that the billing address and name are exactly as it appears on your billing statement for that credit card. Any deviations from the address listed with your bank can result in failure of the transaction. All orders must include a full phone number and email address.

Also, almost all error messages can be resolved by following the steps below. Please do the following before trying to place the order again.

1. Delete the cache and cookies from your computer. To do this in IE:
1) Open Internet Explorer and click on Tools
2) Click on Internet Options
3) On the General Tab, in the middle of the screen, click on Delete Files
4) You may also want to check the box 'Delete all offline content'
5) Click on OK and wait for the hourglass icon to stop after it deletes the temporary internet files
6) You can now click on Delete Cookies and click OK to delete cookies that websites have placed on your hard drive.

To do this in Mozilla ( Netscape, FireFox, etc )

1) Open your browser and click on Tools
2) Click on Options
3) Select Privacy
4) Click on the buttons to Clear your Cookies and Cache

2. Restart your computer and attempt to make this purchase again.

Rest assured, your business is very important to us, if you are still unable to complete your order please contact us via our Help Desk or Live Chat or you can directly call 2CO Customer Service Support Center so that they can properly assist you. The 2CO Customer Billing Support Center is open 24 hours a day, everyday of the week.

2CO Customer Support/Client Billing Issues:
1.614.921.2450 Main Number (international)
1.877.294.0273 Toll-Free (US and Canada)
0.871.871.8283 United Kingdom

1.614.921.2451 Main Number
1.866.921.2451 Toll Free (US & Canada)

Thank you.

SkyNetHosting.Net/ Customer Care

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