Purchasing SEO IPs from Member's area.
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You can now purchase any amount of SEO shared IPs straight from your skynet member’s area.

Its easy, simple and convenient.


  1. Log into your billing area via:

  2. From Service > Order New Services > choose: Order SEO IPs from category

  3. Click on Order Now >> button on bottom right.
    SEO IPs Ordering page

  4. You will land on the shopping cart where you can choose SEO IPs from all different locations SkyNet offers them. The page has 4 sections:

    Order SEO IPs by moving the slider



Section A: Choose Billing Cycle

This is where you choose the billing cycle for the product.

Please note there will be a card processing fee of $1 for the monthly billing cycle. For all other billing cycles, there is no card processing fee.


Section B: Configurable Options

This is the section where you select and choose SEO IPs from different locations.

Start off by choosing between:

cPanel - Recommended

WHM - if you need WHM access to manage your cPanel accounts


To purchase IPs:

Move slider to the right to purchase more IPs - move it to the left to reduce the number of IPs chosen.

As you move the slider, the chosen number of IPs will show up right in front of the IP location in orange.

Note:You will find a couple of sliders which can not be moved. We are in the process of obtaining IPs from those locations/DC,

and they will be available in the near future.


Section C: Additional Required Information

  • Order Identify Domain(mandatory field). enter the main domain for which you are purchasing the chosen set of IPs.

  • Customer Status - Let us know if you are new new or an existing customer


Section D: Order Summary

Shows the summary of your purchase


Finally, you can proceed to CheckOut and make the payment, just as you would do with any other purchase form


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