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End User Live Sales Chat for MyCompnayWeb
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We offer 24/7 Live Sales Chat for all users of MyCompanyWeb that are on Corporate VIP Plans. All agents who provide sales assistance to your clients will be branded with the name of your company. Our team of professionally trained sale chat operators will handle questions raised by your clients as if they were your own staff, and will bear the name of your brand. Since your competitors are only a click away, it is prudent that you offer your clients the best experience while at the browsing stage, so that you can keep them on your site even as you ensure their happiness.


How It Works: Your Customers Visit Your Website with MCW storefront > They Interact Live With Our Sales Chat Agents (acting as if they are your own agents) > Our Chat Agents Answer Your Clients Sales Questions.

Above Service is only available for Corporate VIP customers who are using MyCompanyWeb.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it possible to Disable the Chat Window when I don't need it?

A: If you want to temporarily disable that chat window you can talk to our Sales or Customer Care staff to have the chat widget enabled or disabled as you prefer within minutes. You need to provide the domain name that you are using the chat widget. Only our Customer Care staff can do this for you.

If you want to permanently remove End User Sales chat you would need to open a ticket to the sales department and you may also need to remove the chat code from your website.

Q: Will you be able to handle technical over Live Sales Chat as well?

A: No, but we might assist them with urgent technical issues such as “server down” etc.  however this is not guaranteed. You can setup our End-User ticket based technical support to resolve your clients technical support requests.

Q: Why do I need to provide a sales staff login to my WHMCS admin area?

A: This option is not mandatory but If you want our staff to provide order status and additional details to your clients sales questions we highly recommend that you provide a sales staff login.   You can create a sales staff login with limited access from WHMCS > Setup > Staff Management > Administrators > Add New > Add New Sales Person.

Q: How do I enable End User Live Sales Chat for MCW?


A: You can enable it from SkyNet Member Area > Services > View Available Addons > LIVE End-User Sales Chat for MCW.


Q: What are the details that I need to provide to enable Live Sales Chat?


A: After ordering you need to provide the following details to enable it, all these details will be explained in detail in the "Action Required" that you receive after you order Live Sales Chat.


1. Domain to setup End User Live Sales Chat (This should be as same as your MyCompnayWeb Install Domain):

2. Technical Support URL or email to submit support requests:

3. Customer Care URL or email to to submit customer care related requests:

4. Sales support URL or email to to submit sale requests:

5. Member area URL:

6. Knowledge Base/FAQ URL:

7. URL to register domains:

8. Details about special offers / Coupons or offers url (if any):

9. Company Name ( This will listed on the chat window to welcome clients as [Welcome to “Company Name” Sales Chat]:

10. Sale Staff logins for your WHMCS member area (if you wish to provide);


If you want our staff to provide order status and additional details to your clients sales questions you may create a stales login from WHMCS > Setup > Staff Management > Administrators > Add New > Add  New Sales Person (This option is not mandatory.)


WHMCS Staff Login URL:

Sales Staff Username: 

Sales Staff Password:  


Q: Can I use my own chat software along with your chat?


A: Yes its completely up to you but it might look odd if you have 2 chat icons on a same web page.

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