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Why can't I log into my cPanel or webmail?
Posted by SkyNetHosting.Net Inc., Last modified by Sufya F on 03 May 2023 10:09 AM

Most office buildings as well as hotels have a firewall setup to block access to the ports required for cPanel, WHM and webmail to load. These ports are 2082 (cPanel) 2086 (WHM) and 2095 (Webmail). If your networks firewall or proxy server is blocking these ports, you might have trouble accessing your control panel/webmail.

If the ports have been blocked you must open these ports before you use your control panel or webmail. In case if you are unable to do that, you can by pass the above ports by installing CpanelProxy script into your hosting account. This can be done easily with the following easy steps:

1. Create a subdomain namely cpanel / webmail / whm in the Cpanel control panel
2. Download the CpanelProxy script from CpanelProxy source forge download page.
3. Once downloaded to your local terminal, unzip and upload it via FTP to the subdomain cpanel / webmail / whm which you have setup in Steps 1.
4. Access your site via for Cpanel control panel , for WHM or for webmail.

We ONLY recommend this script in cases where port 2082 / 2086 / 2095 is blocked by your firewall and the administrator does not allow you to open it, as there could be associated security risks* with this type of setup

Another reason that you could have trouble accessing your control panel could be due to issues (DNS issues, domain propagation issues etc) related to your domain name. In these cases you may attempt to access your control panel or webmail with your IP address in the following manner:


Note: Use should use your IP address to access your cPanel if your domain is in the process of being transferred over.

*There is a possible security risk of enabling this feature on your hosting account. For every successful login attempt to the Cpanel control panel you will see a message "Last login from: XX.XX.XX.XX" where XX.XX.XX.XX is the IP address of the last user who login to your Cpanel control panel. This is a security feature to keep trace of the last login user to your Cpanel control panel.

However, with the installation of CpanelProxy script to your Cpanel account, the last login from IP will be always showing which is a local IP. This will wipe off any foot steps of tracing in case your Cpanel control panel is being compromised.

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