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Live OS Upgrade: Corporate VIP5 Server[Completed]
Posted by Sarah J on 11 February 2020 11:43 AM


We are proceeding with a emergency Live upgrade for the server Corporate VIP5 server. The current running OS needs upgrade and this has to be done without any delay. We understand the issues being faced by our customers, we would keep you updated on the entire process.

Update 1:  We have stopped FTP service on the server, to speed up the process.

Update 2:  Account packaging is still in progress,  we are monitoring the process closely to avoid any reduntancy in data.

Update 3: The upgrade is 75% completed now, kindly hold on.

Update 4: Restore process is still ongoing, thank you.

Update 5: We know that the  live upgrade took more than anticipated time, but our priority was to complete the same with minimum downtime. The upgrade is completed now, and the domains working on perfectly. We thank all our customers who held on with us during the entire process, thank you.