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Live OS/Hardware Upgrade: USVIP2 [Completed]
Posted by Sarah J on 19 February 2020 10:34 AM


We are scheduling a live OS upgrade for the VIP server USVIP2, February 19, 2020 at around 2am GMT. There will be no downtime during the during this live OS upgrade.All of your shared and nameserver IP's will remain the same.

We have chartered out the plan of action, which starts of with packaging all the accounts as the first step and copying the data over to new hardware. Just a heads up on this, FTP service would be stopped during the process to speed the data copy while all other services remain online.

We would be updating this news, as soon as the process start so that our customers get to know the same.

Thank you for your patience on this regard, we would keep you posted on.


Update 1:  We have stopped FTP service on the server, to speed up the process.

Update 2: Backups are being generated and copied, thank you.

Update 3: Packaging of the accounts is still in progress, kindly hold on.

Update 4: The upgrade is 85% completed now, kindly hold on.

Update 5: The account migration has been completed and doing a quick sync of all data from old to new server to make sure mails are missing.

Update 6: The sync has completed.

We thank all our customers who held on with us during the entire process, thank you.


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