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We are scheduling emergency live server upgrade with major CPU change on the SGVIP1 server.

This has been scheduled  today, 28th July, at around 9pm SGT. Current processor is being replaced with new 32 CPU E5-2650 V2, and no downtime is expected. We would be syncing the entire data over for all the domains and we would keep the news updated as soon as the process is initiated.

Update 1:  We had to delay the start of the process, we would keep you updated on the new scheduled time.

Update 2:  Migration underway, thank you.

Update 3:  During migration, the /home2 partition on the source(old) server has gone in read only. This has caused accessibility issues for those domains on this partition.  We had to stop the sync from /home2 partition for now and continueing with the rest.  The  domains on /home is already rsynced and the process is going on quick. Once these sync is completed, we might need to reboot the old server and then would do the final sync and /home2  accounts. We will keep the news updated, thank you.

Update 4:  We have retreived the /home2 drive from the old server now.  We would be mounting the same to the new server and data migration/sync would be tried on the drive on the new server. Kindly hold on, we would update the status shortly.

Update 5: Migration completed,  server upgraded.

Thank you.

SkyNetHosting.Net Inc.

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