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Creating custom name servers for your sub reseller
Posted by Sarah J, Last modified by Sufya F on 03 May 2023 09:53 AM

How to create custom name servers for your sub resellers ?

  1. Login to your MR Panel WHM, using the credentials as per the welcome email received

  2. To create custom name servers for your domain, you can set the same via Basic cPanel & WHM Setup, you can always contact us to create the A record/DNS records for your name servers

  3. Access the MR Panel link, under your WHM

  4. This is your MR Panel reseller area via which you can create your sub resellers

  5. Accessing your MR Panel, and check the Create Reseller option

  6. Via this option, you can create the reseller, provide the domainname, username, package, disk space and custom name server details

  7. Once this is done, you can send in the details to your sub reseller, with the custom name server ip which is your ip provided to you via the welcome email

  8. The custom name servers should be registered to the ip's provided

  9. Further on, the name servers can be used by the reseller for his WHM

  10. Once you login to the WHM for the sub reseller, using the credentials just created

  11. Under your sub reseller WHM, please access the link Basic cPanel & WHM Setup

  12. You can verify the name servers for your sub reseller via the same.  You can also verify the name servers ( once the same is registered to the ip's) via

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