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Server Upgrade - USA Reseller Corporate.VIP2[Completed]
Posted by Sarah J on 19 December 2018 11:09 AM


Right now, we are proceeding with the server upgrade over to a new server. We understand the issues every customer is facing even if intermittently, and we had already drafted out the migration plan.

Currently, the data backup for all the domains are being copied over to the new upgraded server, we have stopped apache web services temporarily to speed up this process. Seems like the load on the old server hikes uncontrollably when we backup and migrate, and this is slowing down the entire migration. We are completely hands on for this process, the domains would be soon up and accessible from the new corporate Corporate.VIP2 server.

New Server Specifications are as follows:

CPU: Intel E5-2680v2 - 40 CPU's
RAM: 128GB
Drives: Intel NVMe (non-volatile memory express)

The migration is done live with zero downtime. There will not be any changers in IP's or nameservers and there will be no changes needed to be done from the clients end.

Update 1 :  Accounts are still being copied over, kindly hold on.

Update 2: All Accounts migrated over to new server.

If you have any questions regarding this move, or any of the services we are offering to facilitate it, then please do not hesitate to contact us.